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Testing the security of your cloud infrastructure is our job

Rapid development cycles often prioritize speed over security. It can cost you an average of US$3M if you suffer a cyber threat.


Discover your weak points will help you to reject future attacks

An independent analysis from a security partner is the only way to be sure that your development team is doing truly devSECops.

1. Explore
1. Explore
Scan your servers, clients, endpoints and devices that can be easily exploited by a potential attacker. Finding vulnerabilities with the same tools that the hackers use.
2. Attack
2. Attack
Real life simulation of a cyber threat: Denial-of-service(DoS, DDos), Phishing, Password Attack, SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting and Malware/Ransomware.
Comprehensive and actionable report with general information for managers and a roadmap for developers. Includes a risk score & risk management advice.

Devices are the new security perimeter

Wether you have 10 or 10.000 employers, their mobile and laptops can access your core systems and data. So, a hacked device can be fatal to your business.

Access Controls
Re-examine your permissions to allow only the least-privilege access and minimize the attack surface. In addition, microsegment your network to avoid hacker expansion.
Real-time Monitoring
Reducing the time that an intruder can be inside your system is critical to reduce the damage of the attack. Monitoring in real-time means quick detection and rejection.

Are you ready for a digital-first world?

Digital identities, permissions and certificates management are key for your business to grow safely.

Zero Trust Policy
"Never Trust, Always Verify" and keep away from malicious actors.
Multifactor Authentication
Increase the security of your network with an extra layer of control.

Make a quick assignment to check if you're Really Sure

Review the images featuring essential parts of your business and ask yourself whether you're secure or need a test to be sure


Get your defenses tested monthly

Make sure your security systems are up and running without leak points. Xemob Labs can be your trusted Red Team in any stage of your project.

Cancel Anytime & Money-back Guarantee
If the service is not for you cancel anytime and get a refund if you cancel within the first 30 days.
Reports, Strategy and Support Included
Get insights of how an attacker sees your system and the vulnerable entry points. Check the strategy for resolving the issues and consult with a security tech expert about your development.

Don't give away your data (almost) for free

Make sure getting your data is as hard that nobody can pay to steal it. Keep for yourself, your piece of data gold.

Pentest Services
Paying to be hacked sounds stupid, but it's more stupid to be really hacked (and much more expensive!).
Managed Security Services
Outsource monitoring and management of your security systems and devices. Including incidents, events, intrusion detection, firewalls, anti-virus and vulnerability and compliance management..

The expected cost of Cybercrime is US$6 trillion by 2021. Cybercrime is more lucrative than illegal drug trade. (Source: Cybersecurity Ventures)

Impact: 10.88 billion records.

In March 2020, Cam4 had its Elasticsearch server breached exposing over 10 billion records.

Accounts hacked without multi-factor authentication (Microsoft)
Attacked businesses reported fraudulent emails
Average number of protected folders in companies
Attacks Were Critical

66% of businesses attacked by hackers weren’t confident they could recover. (Fortune)

Obsolete Technology

73% of hackers said firewall and antivirus security is irrelevant or obsolete. (Thycotic)


Hire the service that adapts better to your security needs

Security Audit
If you're afraid your security practices do not meet the basic requirements to protect your business, this is the plan for you. Xemob Labs can help you redesign your systems and process in a security-first way to get your assets protected in 30 days..
Penetration Test
Test your web application to discover security flaws and weaknesses. Discover the security level of your company network and cloud infrastructure. Verify the perimeter security measures, your system response and security protocols.
Cyber Forensics
Investigation and analysis to discover evidences of an attack in a way that is suitable for presentation in a court of law, including hidden, deleted and encrypted files. Find out what happened in your device or network and who was responsible.
Secure Code Review
Identify and fix vulnerabilities in your source codes and business applications. Get a comprehensive revision of your source code by a security expert. Integrate the security in your development cycle from the first stage of your project and avoid issues in a later stage.
Awareness Program
People are the most vulnerable asset of your company. A proper training could reduce up to 5 times the employee's resilience towards phishing attacks. Build a cyber-security culture could save your IT team hundreds of hours each year and a headache.
Monthly Challenge
Every month, we will attack one of your core business assets such as your network, your data, your email, passwords, your website, etc... And deliver a complete report of the investigations, the security issues and the suggestions for remediation.
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Xemob Labs offer different plans that adapt to business of any size, from a few employers to a large enterprise.

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Our business is to simulate we hack you so you can be sure your infrastructure is really secure. Basically, this process involves the following processes:

  • Network Vulnerability Scan
  • Penetration Testing
  • Application Assessment
  • Cloud Security & API Assessment
  • Complete report of the process with actionable insights

In addition, we offer other cyber security related services, such as:

  • Security Consulting
  • Security Audit / code review
  • Forensic analysis of cyber threats
  • Social enginering test

Contact us to know more or ask for a custom plan that adapts to your needs.

  • Awareness & Training programs

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